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Fast access to blockchain knowledge and expertise for decision makers


We like verifiable truth and questioning the established order, which we think are the key values of Blockchain.

We believe Bitcoin is a revolutionnary project and we found ways for corporations to seize this opportunity.

We are only comfortable when our interests are aligned with those of our clients. This is why we always prioritize honesty and we are not here to sell you blockchain solutions. We buy our independence of mind with an asset light business model focused on top notch blockchain expertise.

It works

Ask for our case study of a project led by Blockchain Solutions President Isabelle Bonnet for Kering, one of the leading group of the luxury industry.

See how, with almost zero code, a blockchain solution created value and avoided to spend millions on a blockchain infrastructure.

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Our offer

Start by understanding. Our offer is dedicated to decision makers. We bring our blockchain expertise to help them do what they do best: make informed decisions.

A. Heads up

The most efficient way to on-board on blockchain. We prepare a custom presentation and set up a one hour and a half one-to-one session of restitution (up to 4 persons max). What we need from your side:

  • High level information about your business
  • Your level of knowledge of blockchain
  • Your interest in the topic, if any: investment, intellectual property...

Price: €5k

B. Use case identification

A four-sessions workshop to quickly seize blockchain opportunities:

  1. Custom presentation about blockchain for your business
  2. Introduction to Blockchain Solutions use case identification methodology
  3. Ideation workshop in steps using design thinking methodology
  4. Group restitution

Total duration is of one day and can be split into two half days. To maximize the effficiency of this workshop, we recommend following the famous Amazon 2-pizza team concept, and inviting no more people that the number that would be fed with 2 pizzas.

Price: €10k

C. Project

We can support you on your blockchain projects in two ways;

  1. Expert: lean model where we bring in one of our experts on an ad hoc basis. Usually one to two days per week for the duration of the project.
  2. Project manager: we provide a consultant specialized in the management of blockchain project to ensure day-to-day delivery.

Price: upon request


We respond to specific requests by offering a tailor-made approach always focused on our contribution of blockchain expertise. Our speciality is to answer complex strategic questions.

For example, please consult us if you are about to launch a critical blockchain project, and you feel you would like to have an external, independant and expert view on a potential provider and/or on the use case.

Price: upon request

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The genesis

Blockchain Solutions was created in January 2016 in Paris. It is one of the first blockchain consulting firms of France. Its deep roots come from the Parisian Bitcoin community where the two current partners Pierre Porthaux and Isabelle Bonnet met.


Isabelle Bonnet


Isabelle discovered blockchain in 2017 launching her own trading algorithmic strategy and became in parallel a renowned expert of the topic for the luxury industry advising the Kering group and the Pinault family.

Graduated with a Master of Mathematics of Finance from Columbia University in New York and from the prestigious French engineering school Centrale, after several experiences in banks including one as a quant, she has led a successful career in strategy consulting advising PE and VC funds along with executive committees of mid to large caps.

Pierre Porthaux


Pierre discovered blockchain in 2011 and has been one of the first experts of the topic in France. He now holds a distinctive technical expertise and experience of both the crypto markets and blockchain based technical solutions.

Graduated with an engineering degree in computer science from ISEP and a business degree from the prestigious French business school ESSEC, after more than 10 years of career as an equity derivatives trader, Pierre has also successfully developed one of the first quantitative trading platform for crypto currencies with his venture Emergence Lab.


Blockchain Solutions is also a network of experts, our company is deeply connected with the blockchain ecosystem both in France (e.g. member of LabChain initiative from CDC) and internationnally (e.g. with Blockstream).