Client success stories

Warranty certificates for luxury watches

How did the brand increased the trust of its customers?

  • Offered a free 4-year extension of warranty for all its watches
  • Gave along with the extension a free digital certificate to replace the plastic warranty card
  • The certificate is protected on a public blockchain, making the warranty validity impossible to dispute

Web 3 and Metaverse study

Conducted a several weeks in-depth study about the opportunities of Metaverse for a large luxury group innovation department.

Key benefits for the group

  • Inspiration: overlook of what is happening in the field
  • Internal communication: supporting document to present to the executive board

Confidential client

Diamond traceability

How did the brand increased the trust of its customers?

  • All diamonds are fully traced and proofs of each traceability event are recorded on a public blockchain
  • All these proofs are verifiable by customers on HB website

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