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We enable businesses to harness the potential of blockchain with ease


Our clients are visionary companies who have understood that blockchain can be a tremendous asset, but who have also realized the extent of the complexity of the subject. Indeed, not only is it a highly technical subject, but it is also an emerging and constantly evolving subject.

We support them with two offers: advice to clarify the understanding of the subject and a ready-to-use blockchain platforms to take action quickly and easily. Our consulting services are provided by top-level blockchain experts, who notably advised the Pinault family and the Kering group. And our platform is now used in production by thousands of users around the world. Its strength lies in the use of the public Bitcoin blockchain which allows rapid (less than a month) and inexpensive production deployment.

Our customers can therefore embrace the Bitcoin revolution by benefiting from comprehensive support that starts from the identification of a use case to the technical implementation of a functional solution in production.

It works

Ask for our case study of a project led by Blockchain Solutions President Isabelle Bonnet for Kering, one of the leading group of the luxury industry.

See how, with almost zero code, a blockchain solution created value and avoided to spend millions on a blockchain infrastructure.

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Our offer


Start by understanding. Our offer is dedicated to decision makers. We bring our blockchain expertise to help them do what they do best: make informed decisions.


Build - Test - Learn. With our easy to implement solutions you will quickly be able to grasp the benefits of using blockchain technology. Our approach is to leverage your own systems and use blockchain in a surgical way, only when useful.

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The genesis

Blockchain Solutions was created in January 2016 in Paris. It is one of the first blockchain consulting firms of France. Its deep roots come from the Parisian Bitcoin community where the two current partners Pierre Porthaux and Isabelle Bonnet met.


Blockchain Solutions relies on the best technological solutions and teams worldwide to serve our client's needs. This is made possible thanks to our strategic partnerships (e.g. Woleet) and our deep connections with worldwide blockchain communities (e.g. Blockstream, LabChain).


Isabelle Bonnet


Isabelle discovered blockchain in 2017 launching her own trading algorithmic strategy and became in parallel a renowned expert of the topic for the luxury industry advising the Kering group and the Pinault family.

Graduated with a Master of Mathematics of Finance from Columbia University in New York and from the prestigious French engineering school Centrale, after several experiences in banks including one as a quant, she has led a successful career in strategy consulting advising PE and VC funds along with executive committees of mid to large caps.

Pierre Porthaux


Pierre discovered blockchain in 2011 and has been one of the first experts of the topic in France. He now holds a distinctive technical expertise and experience of both the crypto markets and blockchain based technical solutions.

Graduated with an engineering degree in computer science from ISEP and a business degree from the prestigious French business school ESSEC, after more than 10 years of career as an equity derivatives trader, Pierre has also successfully developed one of the first quantitative trading platform for crypto currencies with his venture Emergence Lab.